Youth Group

Explore & learn about the Christian faith.

Youth Group

Youth of all ages meet the first Sunday of the month following the children’s sermon in the Sunday School room.  Two of our high school students are leading the activities.    Youth engage in fellowship and activities as a way to explore a life of faith. Contact the church office for more information.

Our church is: music, smiles, joy, God and love.

Kelsey W.


Watch for more information about how to order poinsettias.

Youth Music
We have some exciting updates for Youth Music!
There is a new website, which has multiple songs and
videos for music each month. The website address
Travis is managing the website and will be helping the youth each month
with the music. He’s happy to get more involved again now that wedding
season is coming to an end. He has tried to set up the music each month
so that there is always one song for the kids to learn at home on their own
with actions and then another that they will work on actively together each
Sunday morning. They will work on both songs in person, but the more
the kids can practice at home with the songs, the smoother things will go
each month.
The general rule of thumb as of now is to have the youth sing the 4th
Sunday of each month, but the schedule could change and you’ll be
notified ahead of time of any song and/or date changes.
Please visit the site and let Travis know if you have any questions. His
direct e-mail is:

Youth Group