No matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.

Posted by Congregational United Church of Christ, Neenah/Menasha on Sunday, August 30, 2020

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gathering music     Spencer Jones

welcome/mission statement     David Frey

song     NCH #457          Jesus, I Live to You

Prayers of the People

Dedication of Backpacks and Devices

The Lord’s Prayer

pandemic reflection    Mary Janness


     Exodus 3:1-15, Matthew 16:21-28, Romans 12:9-21


song     NCH #191          Before Your Cross, O Jesus


sending music

singing bowl

Hymn lyrics:

NCH #457 “Jesus, I Live to You”     Words: Henry Harbaugh, c.1850, altered; Tune: “Lake Enon,” Isaac B. Woodbury, 1856.

v. 1: Jesus, I live to you, the loveliest and best; my life will be your life in me, in your blessed love I rest.
v. 2: Jesus, I die to you, whenever death shall come; unceasingly, you’ll live in me in my eternal home.
v. 3: Whether to live or die, I know not which is best; to live will be your bliss in me, to die is endless rest.
v. 4: Living or dying, Lord, I ask to be your own; my life will be your life in me, and heaven on earth be known.

NCH #191 “Before Your Cross, O Jesus”     Words: Ferdinand Q. Blanchard, 1929, altered; Tune: “St. Christopher,” Frederck C. Maker, 1881

v. 1: Before your cross, O Jesus, our lives are judged today; the meaning of our eager strife is tested by your way.  Across our restless living the light streams from your cross, and by its clear, revealing beams we measure gain and loss.
v. 2: The hopes that lead us onward, the fears that hold us back, our will to dare great things for God, the courage that we lack, the faith we keep in goodness, as low or pure, on all, the judgment of the cross falls steady, clear, and sure.
v. 3: Yet humbly, in our striving, we rise to face its test. We crave the power to do your will as once you did it best. On us let now the healing of your great Spirit fall, and make us brave and full of joy to answer to your call.